Main Street’s Age-Friendly Plan a Model for HRM

January 11, 2018
Age-Friendly Community Planning<< Home

Planning for an ageing society

The Main Street Dartmouth Community Improvement District is proactively tackling the issues and opportunities associated with an ageing society.  A number of organizations have recently joined the initiative including Sobeys, Nightingale, Dartmouth Learning Network and NSCC Akerley Campus.  It is clear the continued leadership of the Dartmouth Community Health Team and local churches (pastoral care) will be important outreach elements in this suburban area of Dartmouth. Also of interest:

  • The District is now using its Age-Friendly Community Plan as its strategic plan.
  • The linking of groups and individuals around the Plan’s goals is the key to successful implementation.  There are goals, objectives and actions established for Open Space and the Built Environment, Transportation, Housing, Social Connectivity and Civic Engagement, Health and Community Support Services, Community Economic Development (Silver Economy) and building Awareness and Communication.
  • Age-friendly community planning is not just about seniors, but proof positive that when you plan for the elderly you are also planning for every other age group.
  • Work to date shows it is important that an age-friendly community plan be community driven.

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David Harrison

David Harrison is an urban planner and development consultant based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


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