Comparison of Direct Municipal Contributions to Affordable Housing

February 13, 2021
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This table shows estimated contributions per capita being made in 2021 by selected municipal governments in Atlantic Canada for the express purpose of supporting the development of affordable housing in their communities. 

The estimates are based on best available information as of February 2021 including the contribution amounts, number of fiscal years the funding is being made available and most recent population statistics. 

The value of donated land has not been included, but where known, donated land has been noted. Most municipal governments listed below will waive building permit fees or provide offset grants for new affordable housing – these amounts have not been included. The value of any property taxes being waived for new affordable housing has not been included. Matching or flow-through funding from other levels of government have not been included.

On a per capita basis, the Town of Yarmouth leads seven municipal governments examined for their direct financial contributions being made to affordable housing.

The cities of St. John’s and Dieppe are making some unique contributions to affordable housing and these are described separately.


The City of St. John’s makes a significant contribution to affordable housing every year. Similarly, the City of Dieppe has made a substantial commitment by land banking property in its downtown to support mixed income housing developments.

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David Harrison

David Harrison is an urban planner and development consultant based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


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