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P3 Schools

p3P3 Schools
Client: School Boards, Province of Nova Scotia
Location: Nine different locations in Nova Scotia
Scope: $100M+, Nine schools, 620,000 Sq. Feet
Overview: Technologically advanced schools built under public/private partnership model
Roles: Vice President of Nova Learning Inc.
Opened: 1998-2001

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Engagement Model Approach
The P3 development approach incorporates a strong emphasis on partnering with the public sector.This approach allows each sector to concentrate on its core strengths, helping to procure new infrastructure in the most economically efficient manner. Educators, students, parents and communities are engaged in the facility design and implementation process.

Community Development
By working closely with communities, school facilities have been expanded to meet local recreation needs, technology training, arts and community learning opportunities.

Pride of Ownership
P3 schools are proven to be a cost effective manner to procure educational infrastructure. Development agreements include provisions for long-term maintenance commitments. The community engagement process instills a strong sense of pride and ownership in P3 schools.