Building Better Communities

Site Selection

nscc2Site Selection Projects:

  • Halifax 2011 Speed Skating Oval
  • East Hants Municipal Building
  • Cdn. Diabetes Summer Camp
  • Research In Motion (RIM)
  • Northwood Continuing Care Centre
  • Colchester Regional Hospital
  • Northeast Kings Education Centre, Canning
  • NSCC Waterfront Campus
  • Building for Independence
  • Six “P3” Schools
  • Nova Learning Inc

Location: Various locations, Nova Scotia
Cost: $450+Million
Overview: A transparent process ensuring the right site selection decisions are made for the right reasons.
Role:Project Manager

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Model Approach:
In cooperation with Vollick McKee Petersmann Ltd., our site selection process has been used to site private, public and quasi-public facilities.

The need for transparency in site selection is paramount because:

  • Facility owners need to demonstrate that their decisions are made in the public interest
  • Members of the public are generally educated in planning and appeal processes
  • A lack of transparency opens the door to politicization of the process
  • Development risks need to be effectively managed.

Our methodology is based on a proven short-listing approach that provides project owners and key stakeholders with the opportunity to clearly identify the trade-offs in site selection.